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External Services – International Services
SIS Consulting is a company specialised in the Insurance Sector, that provides services and comprehensive solutions based on two key aspects:
  1. A team of professionals (lawyers, loss adjusters, medical experts, etc), who guarantee to attend, to investigate and to define the claims, acting with the necessary speed and efficiency to limit the costs of such claims.
  2. A profound knowledge of the Spanish Insurance market, both within a legal and institutional framework as well as a personal one, as we have a network of contacts that cover almost all the companies that operate in Spain.
To this, we can also add the technical and material resources that we have available, that permit a better understanding of your needs and an optimum fulfilment of your instructions.
As we are a well-known and recognised company in the Spanish market, should you require references, they may be requested from Ofesauto (Oficina Nacional / Bureau Español) in Madrid.
As you are aware, the European Parliament Directive 2000/26/CE, known as the 4th Directive, relating to the protection of road traffic accident victims and injured parties, came into effect after its publication in the European Community Official Journal, on the 20th of July 2001.
This Directive, that will be enforceable as of the 20th of July 2002, determines an obligation for all the Insurance Companies that work with the Civil Liability for Cars class of insurance to name a representative in all the EU countries (as well as Switzerland, Island and Sweden), to process and settle claims related to accidents that took place in countries where the injured party does not reside.
As Spain is one of the EU members with the most visitors that travel abroad, it can be assumed that it will also be one of the countries that will initiate the most cases mentioned above.
In order to make it easier for you to fulfil the obligation in question, with the best terms for quality and service, we would like to offer you our services as representative and correspondent in Spain.
We would like to put our service «Setting up in Spain» at your disposal. This service provides clients who would like to open an office or branch in our country with all the resources to enable them to save money and effort, by using experienced professionals and thus avoid the typical errors of a new company in a foreign country, such as the use of inappropriate suppliers, language problems or a lack of knowledge of the local market or culture.
If you are interested in receiving more details about our proposition, or should you like to know more about the terms, conditions and specific possibilities for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to inform you about how we can help in these important matters, with no obligations on your behalf.

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